Wednesday, 4 July 2007 at 06:13, mcrilf wrote...

Blogging success

I've been watching the rise and rise of the blogosphere since it first started and have always wanted to be a successful blogger.

But how do you define success?

  • I guess readership numbers is a great indicator (I'm watching the rise on this one)
  • Number of feed subscribers
  • Influence has got to be another (are you the first to break a story which spreads through word of mouth)
  • Plus revenue generated by your blog
For me, the first 2 are about having great content that people want to read. Like that great movie Field of Dreams there's somewhat of a 'build (write) it and they will come' philosophy here. Of course, an element of sowing the seed to get a critical mass of readership helps and I'm starting to do that now.

The 3rd is about having a great story once you have critical mass.

Monetizing your blog has to come last in that list. I'm testing a number of ways as I said in my first post. Some of the links on my blog (not all!) are affiliate links. I've also signed up to to see if I can generate revenue by writing about stuff on my blo for various organisations. Effectively, we're talking ads on blogs but for me the content I write (the ads) will have to be relevant for this blog and interesting for people to read otherwise I'll never fulfill the first 3 of my 'success' goals.

It'll be an interesting exeriment anyhow and I'll keep you posted on how it goes. Once I have a level of critical mass, I'll release some readership numbers. And I'll let you know how much revenue has been generated too. So keep reading!

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